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Special trained Mold Dog is the only inspection tool that can detect and pinpoint sources of mold, very good information for lowering costs. Homekoirat Sagulin Ky has 5 trained Mold Dogs in action. All five dogs are working spaniels. Working Spaniels have ability for hunting, game finding and ability for searching narcotics, bombs, moulds or what ever the dog is trained for.

 In Europe, dogs have been used to detect mold for over 20 years. Dogs can be trained to detect molds and Working Spaniels are very good for that work.  Hunting breeds are great tracker dogs. The Company’s Mould Dogs are friendly, energetic and have plenty of drive. It takes approximately one year of individual training to completely train a dog to detect mold. Mold Dogs are specifically trained to alert on almost twenty different kinds of the most common toxic molds. If a dog alerts, there is a mold issue which signals a moisture problem, i.e. leaky pipe, etc.

Microorganisms grow frequently in hidden places, e.g. behind wall linings, in floors, or behind installations. They are often not visible from the outside. Often, health complains occur even after the moisture damage has dried, sometimes even only then. In these cases, moisture measurements are not suitable to localize the microorganisms. Besides spores and other particles, microorganisms emit microbial volatile organic compounds = MVOC. The MVOCs are still emitted from the contaminated material long after the microorganism has died. Dogs can be trained to search for microbial odours and to detect the source. This is a very successful method for locating hidden microbial damage. The mold dog, however, must be correctly trained, led, and interpreted. In some cases, it is the only applicable method to find spots damaged by microorganisms. At places where the dog marks a microbial odours, samples can be taken for microbiogical analysis. Destruction of material is unnecessary and additional costs can be avoided.

The willingness to use his nose and a strong prey drive are two characteristics that make a Spaniel a good detection dog. In addition, he is comfortable in almost any environment and is not easily distracted from his job. When my dog detects a scent that he is trained to detect, he moves to the area of highest concentration and scratches the exact spot by paws. Nitro has very high drive and is very strong, hard dog. He can do a work long time without becoming tired. Raf is very nice and eager for work. Raf is also FTCH in field trials. Rupert (FTCH) and Ready work also as trained mold dogs in my company. Frodo the Cocker is very eager and hard going dog and his son Spot also already works in my company.

Mold dog can help, if:

  • you are selling or buying a house
  • health complains occur frequently: disorders of respiration, sinusitis, cough, nasal catarrh…
  • you sense a strange smell
  • you doubt moisture damage